Welcome to our website!

We are dedicated to sharing our utmost enthusiasm for birdwatching with our neighboring community members. In an effort to increase awareness of local and statewide bird wildlife, we frequently hold unique, one of a kind birding events. This is our way of reminding people, whether young or old, about the true value of the enjoyment we can all gain from nature, and that bird watching should be a regular and important part of our lives.

Our group membersenjoy meeting together with others who share a common interest in bird watching. They always walk away delighted after each bird watching field trip, and are very pleased that they have found such a great birding club to participate along with. The end result is that everyone who attends enjoys our meetings and our bird watching outings more than they had ever expected to – each and every time.

It’s our goal to help further the interests of local birdwatchers and to promote a better understanding and increased appreciation of birds and other wildlife.

Exploring Together

We have regular bird watching outings at various destinations throughout the arealed by our bird experts. Beginners are encouraged to join us on any field trip, or come along for a casual morning walk in a local neighborhood or park. You’ll probably be quite surprised with what we find!